Do you want to learn Arabic quickly?

Start from zero level and guarantee to speak and write the Arabic language in less than 90 days, with our modern style expertly prepared after a long practice. Modern style expertly prepared after a long practice.

The curricula include:

Three textbooks.

Reader pen reads all Arabic words and sentences, the voice of the author (replacing teachers).

Translation and explanation of all the parts in English.


The Features

Money Saving

Save a lot of time and money, Learn Arabic without courses centers

Self Learning

you don’t need teacher or class to learn Arabic with this course

Easy and speed

easy, speed and proven method in learning all the skills of the Arabic language

Why should you take this course?

Expertly prepared in a modern way and practiced with a quick and easy manner for teaching Arabic to the English speakers.
It is the first Educational material of its kind and it is unprecedented in the markets.
It is guided for all levels and all ages without exception. Prepared in the manner that gives you self-learning without the need for a teacher to make your daily conversation easily.
The main goal of this Educational material is to let the learner understands the language if he heard from spoken or enable him to speak if he needs to express, and before that to read and write in a correct manner.

The Author